Marigot Bay and Roseau River Kayaking

With the backdrop of palm trees and mangroves, a lack of any modern-day sounds, and frigates wheeling overhead like pterodactyls, it's like stepping back in time (cue Jurassic Park music.)

Kayaking at Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay to Roseau River Kayaking

Marigot Bay has been photographed so many times that first time visitors often experience a jolt of recognition. Not surprising. This peaceful landscape of swaying palms and sparkling clear water also caught the eye of film makers who used the bay as a location for the filming of the original Dr Dolittle starring Rex Harrison in 1967.

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Clients are transferred to the shop where they are introduced to the kayaking guide and briefed on the safety equipment and technique (20 - 30 minutes). You enter the water from Marigot Bay and kayak on to the open sea interacting with the west coast, you enter the river approx 20 - 30 minutes from the departure at Marigot Bay.

In the river you will travel along a lagoon and canopied mangroves nestled with birds, you might even visit a local farm. From the lagoon you go up river for a short distance then turn back on route to the sea. This section is roughly half an hour on route to the sea and eventually back to Marigot. En route to and from the river are a number of sites that can be used for snorkeling, conditions permitting.

Skill and Experience Level Needed (Novice/Learner)

Time of Tour: 2 - 3 Hours (Half Day)

Minimum Numbers: 2 Persons

Cost: 2 - 5 persons US$75.00 | 6 + persons US$65.00 - 10% Vat Not Included

Northern to Western Island Location Pickups Included. Cruise Ship Pickup included

Snacks and Water included

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